Red River Sanitors, Inc., (RRS) has developed a strong quality control program. This program starts with our organization. Each division of our company has a Division Manager that is an outstanding communicator. He or she must communicate on a regular basis with the appointed contact person at each account and the RRS night supervisor.

​If RRS delivers a quality service but is perceived as non caring or as indifferent to the needs of the customer, the overall perception will be one of dissatisfaction. This perception frequently occurs when someone is working late and tells the sanitor to skip their office. The next morning the secretary is angry because her boss’s office is dirty. If our division manager is doing her job, she will be able to learn of this problem, communicate the circumstances and insure that this office receives special attention the following night. She should follow-up the next day with a visit to the secretary’s office for a friendly inspection.

Our Difference

For this reason, RRS is organized to quickly change the perception of our service by going to great extremes to communicate information to everyone involved. We have joined the night supervisors and the day managers together through communication channels on a daily basis. We have honest hard working and dedicated people working late into the night in good weather and bad. We strive to let the person receiving this service know that we truly care about them and strive to please them through our work.

The Division Manager inspects each building, contacts the appropriate person in each building, checks our periodic work schedules, checks our Daily Log Book, writes work to be performed reports (which may be from a complaint or may be form her inspection) and follows up on recent work orders to insure that they have been completed in a workman like manner. If the work is not satisfactory, she writes a 2nd request or 2nd complaint. This 2nd report is sent to the Operations Manager as well as all others involved. If a 3rd request if necessary it is sent to the President of RRS. He is personally responsible for resolving the problem. Fortunately, the president did not receive a 3rd complaint last year.

Meetings are held daily between the Division Manager and the Division Supervisor. These meetings usually last for an hour and are very detailed. In the case of a 2nd request, we usually find that there was a misunderstanding about what was to be done, where it should be done or when it should be done.

Many jobs must be coordinated between personnel, supervision, warehouse and sales. At these meetings most misunderstandings are resolved. The Division Supervisor must inspect any 2nd reports. The Operations Manager frequently inspects a 2nd report to monitor our quality control and account reaction. Reports are answered in writing or by using a telephone answering machine. This keeps the Division Manager informed every morning. She can now respond to the principal in a knowledgeable manner. She can also perform a follow-up inspection to insure that the occupant of the property is satisfied in all respects.

The Division Manager controls our quality with inspection and communication with everyone involved. The communication is vital. She must be a people person. Through her efforts, the Division Supervisor’s hard work and skills manifest itself in the client’s satisfaction. She doesn’t make excuses, but is obvious to everyone that she and her sanitors are making a great effort to provide a clean environment for their use.

The Division Supervisor is the other part of the team. He works at night when others are sleeping. He reports to work between 2 and 3 PM and starts his/her day with a meeting with the Division Manager. He discusses present reports and past reports. He schedules work and writes instructions for his area supervisors and building supervisors. He trains building supervisors to inspect nightly all public area, new areas, new employee areas, all areas written up on reports and 20 per cent of all private areas. The Division Supervisor spot inspects buildings nightly and insures that all request and complaints are followed up in a timely manner. For critical matters he leaves a report on an answering machine. Another part of his job is to see that morale is high and employees are treated fairly. He will have a monthly contest to select a sanitor of the month and a supervisor of the month. He contributes to our newsletter, highlighting employee information that will increase their status and self-image.

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