About Us

To be a leader in the maintenance management field with all of our actions relative to customers, employees, competitors and suppliers governed by the word of God.

Our clients will be treated with respect and fairness as we deliver excellent workmanship at a fair and competitive price and in an environmentally safe manner. Meeting our commitments to our clients is of the highest priority.

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Serving You Since 1963

To make every employee feel respected, valued, appreciated and important. Through their dedication we can achieve excellent service to our customers. Through our leadership each employee can grow and achieve.

Our suppliers and sub-contractors will be treated as a partner in our work and in our mission. We will expect excellence of them and we will in turn treat them with respect and fairness.

Our competitors will be treated fairly and with sensitivity. We will promote our mutual interest by participating in associations and supporting them through leadership and financial contributions. Through associations we will support excellence in training, supervision and development of superior equipment. We will lift ourselves by helping to lift the quality of all Building Service Contractors.

Code of Ethics

As members of the Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI), Red River Sanitors subscribes to a Professional Code of Ethics. This code includes our relationship with various sectors and describes our values: 

  • CUSTOMERS: We commit to the right of our customers to receive services, values, and pricing that is independently developed.
  • EMPLOYEES: We recognize the rights of our employees to work in a safe and healthy work environment, receive fair and equitable compensation, have opportunities for growth and development in a culture that fosters dignity and respect for their position and their contributions to our industry.
  • SUPPLIERS: We shall only conduct business with suppliers who maintain the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and confidentiality.
  • ENVIRONMENT: We will strive to improve the world we live in by utilizing methods and products that improve and maintain the quality of our environment.
  • COMPETITORS: We respect the right of our bona-fide competitors to ethically participate in the free market place.
  • COMMUNITY: We will serve in our communities to improve the quality of life to our neighbors. 
  • GOVERNMENT: We shall interact with honesty and integrity when dealing with all levels of government.